In this new section I will release some developer softwares for windows, written by me. I hope with these programs the developing will be easier than ever for the C16/Plus4 family. Currently I am writing a game for the Plus4, I hope later more people will do the same.

Chrset Editor V2.0

This is a Hires character set and screen editor. Very easy to use and with the user friendly interface you can make your own beautiful character sets. You can save them in several formats, like:
- raw data (*.chr),
- loadable data for character sets and screens (*.prg),
- C source code.
You can get it from the Download section.


This program will run on Plus4 machines and you can compose your own music, using all available effects of TED. Beta version will be available in 2nd quarter of 2000.

P4Painter V0.12

With this program you will be able to make your own Botticelli format Lores pictures. It is still under developing, but I will release a beta version soon.

C16/Plus4 SDK for Windows

It is still an idea, but I made the first steps to make a new environment to create C16/Plus4 code with the Cc65 C compiler, run and debug it with an emulator. If you like the VisualC, you will like this SDK!

When I am ready with a new release, you will read it in the news.